Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey - I care for more caramel, please!

Alas, a powerful being has emerged! Among the chosen few arises a cookie worth being declared of its rich, meaningful tapestry. It's history ever-changing through the straws of time as it dawns many cloaks and outfits but keeps its bountiful title: Chips Ahoy!

Ok. The Introduction was a bit much, but I've loved these cookies as a boy. I'm WELL aware of its arguably mediocre taste, but as a child I didn't know any better! To me this was an angel strumming the harps as it hums sweet nothings, hundreds of thousands of feet in the air on a cloud fortress made of solid gold with an army manning the front entrance, right next to St. Peter!

But along came its lesser known brother, Chips Ahoy Chewy Gooey Caramel.  Now Chips Ahoy Chewy is an entirely new beasts of its own. It's soft. It reminds you of the cookies "Ma-ma" use to make. You remember that smell? Ah, wasn't it grand? Well, that bad-boys at the Nabisco office cracked out a new gem, and let's just say - it's not shining as bright as its brother.

I Carefully peeled back the resealable lips from the package and there it stood - rows and rows of innocent looking cookies bunched in formation. Large Chocolate Chip boulders amassed the pale, doughy coins like craters. The cookies themselves, miniature in size. How miniature you say? Miniature enough that the Cookie Monster would frown as it tries tirelessly to grasp the chewy buttons through its mitten-like fingers and feigns his memorable gorging noises, but the cookies just won't do.

For emphasis on how gooey this Chewy Chips Ahoy really was I softly clamped my fingers into both opposite sides and slowly pried it apart. The caramel to biscuit ratio was really disappointing. Upon visually looking at it it'd be hard to tell if this cookie actually had caramel. It was puny! RAGE! RAAAAAGGGEEE! Biting into one you get that familiar soft, doughy-texture one would normally perceive from a Chips Ahoy Chewy, right down to its familiar taste.

 So it was sad to know that among the chocolate chip, the caramel wasn't all that existent. You could *taste*a small tint of caramel, sure. And it does evenly coat the palette, but it was thin, and devoid of any real-defining flavor. In other words, think bargain bin, Dollar-store quality. This was it. I can't say I didn't enjoy it though, because well, it was Chips Ahoy! And however mediocre it is, I'll STILL LOVE IT!.

I tried it both warmed, in a microwave for 30 seconds, and room temperature. I find it's slightly - EVER so slightly - better when it's heated up, but to each its own! Overall. The "Gooey Caramel" doesn't bring much to the "Chewy" brand of Chips Ahoy. A very weak impression of caramel slapped into each dollar-coin sized cookie bite of (15g). But if you like Chips Ahoy Chewy, then the Caramel may be a nice, "small" addition to your sweets!


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